Freedom HealthWorks is a direct care network.


We believe health isn’t a once-a-year appointment when you’re feeling sick, but a journey that starts the moment you’re born and continues with constant change. Healthcare was never meant to be a system, but a relationship between doctor and patient.

The foundation for good healthcare is freedom  – the freedom for doctors and the people they serve to choose prices, treatment options, lifestyles, and most importantly, each other, outside of the constraints of health insurance companies and networks.

We Liberate
We don’t want to feed you news. We want to provide you with reliable, honest, and innovative resources, so you can educate yourself about what matters most, whether you’re the one receiving care or providing care.

Discover the truth about what your healthcare should look like, how much it costs, and what it can really do for you.
We believe doctors and people, together, have the power to restore healthcare to the long-held tradition where doctors met with their community one-on-one and charged what was fair.

With direct primary care, anyone can access a doctor anytime, anywhere. No more long nights on search engines or lonely hospital visits.
The purpose of every movement is transformation, and the biggest barrier to transformation is fear.

Good education and relationships will give doctors and people the freedom to choose their best price, their best care, and their best life.

People should be looking for more than a doctor – they deserve a life partner. Because good health insurance does not equal good healthcare.

Ready to find your Freedom doctor?

Freedom Healthworks believes you should choose a doctor that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle, your values, and your budget – without the limitations of an insurance company or hospital.  Our doctors believe that everyone deserves to live a full life, starting with good health. Find your partner in health by reading about our doctors today.


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      Steve R.
      Age 35

      “I’m healthy, young and rarely get sick, so seeing a doctor regularly hasn’t been a priority for years.  Following the birth of our first child, my wife and I decided it was time to get back into the habit.  Looking around, I found WPP – veteran doctors in the community with a new kind of practice where services and prices were completely transparent for customers.  As a business owner myself, I appreciated knowing exactly what I would get and what I would pay, instead of playing a guessing game with insurance coverage.  When I called the practice, I was surprised they could schedule a prompt appointment for me, instead of waiting months to get in.  On the day of my scheduled visit, my appointment was on time, the service was quick and efficient and I left the office extremely happy with both prices and the overall experience.”

      Bill S.
      Age 44

      “I’m healthy and typically see the doctor just once every year, so the new WPP program seemed like overkill – but I gave it a shot.  The day of my appointment I was called in promptly at my scheduled time, and Dr. Habig spent an entire hour and a half with me, uninterrupted.  My comprehensive physical far surpassed the usual yearly visit, giving Dr. Habig plenty of time to offer detailed explanations of my health and wellness.  For example, he explained how it was critical that I address a recurring vitamin deficiency.  In past years, I’d brushed aside this advice, because there was no time for an in-depth discussion since it was already time to move along to the next patient.  Finally understanding its importance, I stopped by the pharmacy on my way home.  After the visit, my insurance carrier walked me through submission of the statement WPP handed me, and I was ultimately reimbursed for an out-of-network office visit, which covered a large portion of the cost.”



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