Don’t quit. Medicine has always been your calling. When you decide to explore direct care, you are joining thousands of pioneers and visionaries.

You are not alone.

Freedom Healthworks is your support team. You can practice medicine the way you were trained – the way you know is best for the families that trust you. We craft your brand so that your uniqueness shines, and your vision comes to life.

We assist you and your team in running all aspects of your business. You have families to care for. Let us worry about your practice’s back end. A carefully curated ecosystem of best in the business partners is ready to serve you. 

Doctors in charge, once again.

Automated marketing, enrollment, accounting, and business intelligence functions allow your office to run lean and mean. No more 3rd-party payer involvement means you are truly the maker of your own destiny. 

Saying goodbye to Medicare and insurance companies was the best thing that ever happened for my sanity. I would’ve retired if not for Freedom Healthworks setting up, launching, and supporting my own practice.

-Dr. Mary Pat Forkin

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path to a
happier you

Startup Admin Fees = $31,000
Office Equipment = $13,000
Target # of Patients = 500
Our approach
We study
We plan
We create

We take our goals, our challenges, and our successes very seriously. We take your practice’s success and the health of your families with the gusto and dedication that we strive to provide for our own loved ones. With each new doctor liberated and each new family freed from the system, we move one step closer to curing the sick care system.

Liberated Doctors
Patients Freed
Visionary leaders

Meet liberated doctors

Robert Habig, MD
Risheet Patel, MD
Ashlie Olp, MD
Blair Brengle, MD
Dan Stock, MD
Napoleon Maminta, DO
Elaine Habig, MD
Mary Pat Forkin, MD
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Robert Habig
Dr. Bob Habig
Westfield Premier Physicians

A patient of mine asked me if his daughter should continue to pursue medical school. I told him that the only reason she should go into medicine was to practice direct primary care and that she would be wise to work with Freedom Healthworks. This was the first time in 20 years I encouraged a young, bright person to pursue medicine, I had been disillusioned for that long. That was the best day in practice in a very long time.

Dr. Ashlie Olp
Dr. Ashlie Olp
Olp Family Medicine of Carmel

Freedom Healthworks helped me launch my new DPC practice and I have actually been really busy – hardly a down minute in the day. But busy and hurried are two different things. I am not hurried with patients or visits at all, which I LOVE!

Napoleon Maminta
Dr. Napoleon Maminta
Naptown Priority Health

The team at Freedom Healthworks has been awesome and I believe in what they are doing. I love their work ethic, service, and dedication to the DPC “cause”. We will get more doctors to do this because it is the right way to go. Love you guys!

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