Co-Founder, Chief Executive, Innovation Officer

Christopher Habig

…We can build a better system. A system that isn’t controlled by people who don’t know you. A system that heals. A system that comforts. A system that cares.

Executive Team

Meet our team that is essential for the success of our clients’ businesses. The Freedom Healthworks team takes our clients’ success personally. We all have stories of bad experiences in hospitals, clinics, and other doctor offices. These experiences have inspired us to push forward and do whatever it takes to be champions of direct care and our pioneering clients.

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Ashly Stage
Media Marketing Manager

Good health belongs to all people. A big part of health is knowing that you’re worth it. Sometimes, the healers of the world need the most healing.

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Ian Brown
Marketing Strategy Director

Educating and empowering consumers that health insurance does not equal health care is something that has become much more than a goal of mine. It has become a pursuit to help improve the quality of life of Americans.

Jason Rutz
Partnership Director

My dream is a system where administrations and population health don’t stipulate how patients receive care.  I want to help return physicians to the forefront of medical innovation.

Melissa Turpin
Client Marketing Manager
Melissa Turpin is the newest team member to join Freedom Healthworks. As the Client Marketing Manager, she will work closely with doctors in order to create print and video content that captures the vision of their practice. In addition to assisting doctors, Melissa will work closely with the Freedom Healthworks marketing department to create advertising campaigns that will provide growth and awareness of the company.
Melissa’s work experience as a Sales and Marketing Representative for Selling Power and as an Associate/Web Producer for WISH-TV has provided her the skillsets to fulfill the duties as the Client Marketing Manager. She is eager to step into her role in order to help make a difference in not only the lives of potential patients, but also the lives of the doctors. She is excited to make a difference.
On a personal note, Melissa attended Indiana State University and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. She was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha where she received the Community Builder Award. Melissa was also active with the university which is why she was recognized for freelance work she did in Busan, South Korea her senior year. You may see Melissa on commercials, buses, or even in the lobby of buildings at Indiana State because she was chosen to be one of the faces of the Blue Campaign.
Melissa resides in Carmel with her munchkin cat, Luna. She enjoys working out, adventure, cleaning, and hot sauce. What does her typical weekend look like? She is most likely working out, cleaning her home, hanging out with her cat, boyfriend, or friends, and typically has a glass of Prosecco in her hand.

Advisory Board

Trusted professionals help guide this business into uncharted waters of the healthcare experience. We rely extensively on the knowledge and expertise of this team.

Risheet Patel, MD
Physician Adviser
doug wilson
P. Douglas Wilson
Service Adviser
Dane DeLozier
Strategy Adviser
diane s Hopkins
Diane S. Hopkins
Patient Experience VP
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