The Benefits of Direct Primary Care

What are the Benefits of Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care provides a medical experience that is personal, honest and comprehensive. This type of healthcare is relationship-based, not based on money or insurance companies. Here are some of the benefits you will experience if you choose direct primary care.


The Freedom Healthworks physicians are highly trained and Board Certified. They have provided high-quality medical care to patients for many years. When you choose a direct primary care physician, you can feel at ease because you know they are honest and well-trained.


Direct primary care pricing is transparent and designed to be affordable. It’s based on age, not on prior medical history. One fee will cover all services; there are never co-pays or hidden charges.


Our doctors can be contacted directly via phone, text or email. They also provide medical services for after hours and weekend care for urgent matters that cannot wait. This is one of the main benefits of direct primary care.

Comprehensive Care

Direct primary care physicians provide care for both routine and urgent matters. Offices that employ various providers can’t offer this superior level of care. There is often a fill in provider, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, who might not know the patient’s medical history or the patient’s own primary care provider.

Wellness and Preventative Care

It’s easy to justify wellness visits to maintain your health when the membership fee covers the service. Preventative care has been proven to extend the life of patients who practice wellness strategies.

Timely Service

Appointments can be made within 24 hours when you have a direct care physician. Visits will never be rushed, providing adequate time to have all your medical concerns addressed.

Patient-Physician Relationships

Direct primary care physicians are focused on their patients and developing a trusting relationship. There are no impersonal appointments in direct primary care, only warmth, honesty, and respect.

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