Why I Joined the DPC Movement


Adam Habig

Simple answer: Because we can do better with healthcare in America

Consumers shouldn’t avoid getting care for fear of high, unpredictable medical bills. They shouldn’t need subsidies to afford health insurance. Doctors shouldn’t be burning out and quitting in droves.

Americans are endowed with the liberty and tenacity to solve big problems. I joined this movement to help fix what ails our healthcare system. Specifically:

  1. Healthcare is too expensive. Americans deserve the option to deal directly with their doctors and to pay affordable, cash prices for medical services regardless of whether they have health insurance or not. They should be able to save money by purchasing lower-cost, catastrophic health insurance as a safeguard against rare and expensive health problems.
  2. A “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work for 350 million people (or 1/2 million doctors). Americans deserve the freedom to shop around for the medical care suitable for their lifestyle and budget. They should be able to entrust their care to a trusted, private doctor instead of a faceless hospital network. Doctors deserve the freedom to tailor their practices to serve patients and help them navigate the complexity of modern healthcare, instead of serving hospital systems or insurance companies.

Direct Primary Care provides the grassroots foundation to fix American healthcare.

  • It’s the only innovation proven to make healthcare affordable, high-quality, and widely-available to nearly all consumers.  
  • It’s the only model attracting new doctors into medicine while preventing frustrated doctors from quitting at a time when America faces a looming physician shortage.  
  • It’s the only force inspiring change within the insurance world, driving lower-priced alternatives that deliver better value than the dreaded “gold, silver, or bronze” quandary.

Direct Primary Care gives consumers and doctors a viable alternative to the status quo.  I joined the movement to help eviscerate the barriers holding it back.  

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