What Changes are Coming to Healthcare?

President and Co-Founder of Freedom Healthworks, Adam Habig, took part in a podcast with Todd Huff Radio in October. Habig discussed the upcoming changes to healthcare.

According to Habig, Healthcare spending is out of control.

“Health insurance costs the average family more than $20,000 each year.  Most families can no longer purchase health insurance without massive subsidies from taxpayers or their employer. Predictably, both payers are buckling. Businesses have continued to drop health benefits and government ‘entitlement’ programs teeter on insolvency.”

He says the public’s reaction is that most people with insurance coverage naively assume they’re safe for the foreseeable future, so they tune out, but they need to tune back in because healthcare is headed for big changes.

“Take Medicare; Every day, 10,000 ‘baby boomers’ enter Medicare.  Each one is projected to cost the program nearly a half million dollars in medical expenses, far more than they paid into the program.  This will drain the Medicare trust fund over the next 7 years. So who will be left to pay the bills? Millennials,” says Habig.

According to Habig, if healthcare is to be truly affordable, and thus, sustainable, we have to lower the prices.

“What’s the proven cure for consumers frustrated by murky pricing and lack of good options? It is to re-inject free market principles; Let competition force price transparency and kindle innovation. Think of what Uber and Airbnb did to lower costs and boost convenience. Direct primary care is the perfect example, where patients pay clear, affordable prices for open access to a private physician.”

In addition to unfettered access to their doctor whenever needed, direct primary care offers common-sense perks like wholesale pricing on medications and labs, says Habig.

“Those rumors of people paying $4 to fill a prescription instead of $38 at the corner pharmacy, or paying ten bucks cash for the same lab tests that normally costs $150, that’s direct primary care at work, which is now in 48 states and rapidly expanding.”

Habig says Freedom Healthworks is leading the way into direct care for doctors and consumers who recognize that our current model is unsustainable and destined for dramatic change.

Click here to listen to the full interview of Habig and Todd Huff talking about the curative powers of this new “old-fashioned” model.

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