Building Your Brand as a Direct Primary Care Physician

Welcome to the world of business ownership! You get to enjoy all the advantages of owning, running, and controlling your professional destiny. The best way to make this journey last is by building a brand. Building a brand as a Direct Primary Care physician requires asking honest questions about yourself and your dreams for your new practice. It’s important to identify your attributes, audience and create a mission statement.

Identify the Attributes For Which You Want Your Practice to be Known

This may seem easy, but take the time to think about what you really want to be known for. Do you want to be known as being accessible? Complete? Patient? Efficient? Tech savvy? Friendly? Tough? Effective? Some of these qualities may seem positive, but they can have a downside to some people. Being a comprehensive and thorough doctor may be great for your patients and their health, but it may also be viewed as slow and inefficient for patients trying to get a question answered over a lunch break. Accepting these contrasting principles is a key part of building your brand.

Identify the Audience You Want to Know About Your Brand.

You cannot be everything to everyone. It’s important for you and your patients to know who and what you are. Again, this may seem obvious to you, but it may not be obvious to your patients. Start by making a list of things you are not. You’re not a hospital for example. Generally, your audience for your brand will be 25-55 year olds. But in some areas, you may want to specialize even further.

Create Your Mission Statement.

Your mission statement should be an aspirational goal. For example, “To make sure every patient is as healthy as they should be” or “to make sure every patient learns how to live a healthy lifestyle.” You may also break down mission statements into further goals such as “to make sure none of my patients develop type II diabetes” or have fun with it “to make sure my patients are comfortable enough to ask me questions instead of Doctor Google.”

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