Designing Your DPC Practice

When you decide to launch with Freedom Healthworks, one of the first resources at your disposal is the Freedom Healthworks Academy. The first section of the Academy is where you learn how to design your DPC practice. This section is an overview of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, and you will begin thinking about your practice and how you can deliver the best experience to your patients.

What Does the Lesson Cover?

  • Knowing your patients needs and expectations
  • Learning what your patients need from you
  • The best ways to serve the needs of your patients
  • Creating a great customer service experience
  • Trying new ways to bring your expertise to your patients

About the Lesson

You have a tremendous opportunity as a Direct Primary Care provider to design a practice that serves the needs of your patients. You get to craft every moment of the patient experience starting with their first impressions before they join your practice, as well as the experience of making an appointment and visiting your office. And, you can determine what services are best for your patients in your area. You can tailor your services, your communication, and your practice to local challenges and focus solely on improving the health of your patients. This lesson provides some points to think about and other resources to open your imagination to all that your practice can be.

Along with the opportunity to design your practice, you also need to be aware of some of the requirements you have when running a business. This lesson also covers how to build your all important professional team including your lawyer and accountant, the various tax implications and record keeping responsibilities you have for your practice, and how to build your brand responsibly through social media and your website.

Technology and lean methodologies have enabled business to change. Uber and Lyft provide a new transportation option. Hulu and Netflix provide a new entertainment option. Direct Primary Care provides a modern healthcare option for you and your patients.

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