Direct Primary Care Lakin, KS

Looking for Direct Primary Care Lakin, KS? Freedom HealthWorks offers an alternative to the current healthcare industry status quo: We’re creating a healthcare system where physicians are happy, patients get the support they need, and costs are kept low. A physician becomes a FreedomDocsm and patients become people. Together we can be better.

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About Us

Direct Primary Care Lakin, KS

We turn an unreliable industry into something predictable, transparent, and affordable. Many people are searching for Direct Primary Care Lakin, KS and Freedom HealthWorks can help. 


What We Do

At Freedom Healthworks, we help physicians become FreedomDocs and take control of their lives. We assist physicians starting, growing, and operating their practices. 



Our Approach

We believe that all people should have a relationship with a trusted FreedomDoc. We do not employ physicians or control the way to practice medicine. We help run your business, not tell you how to be a doctor. 


Our Mission

We strive to help physicians care for their patients without restrictions, barriers, and frustrations – Together FreedomDocs can help care for everyone.

Direct Care Start & Growth

Physicians across the country are leaving employed practice and starting their own FreedomDoc practices. These doctors are happy, fulfilled, and are enjoying medicine, once again. You can join them today. If you searched for Direct Primary Care Lakin, KS, learn more about our process below.

Patient Care

Life is busy.  When illness strikes, you need immediate answers before you take time to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Now, you can video chat with local board-certified physicians and their staff to get the medical attention you need, wherever you are, on your schedule.  

Welcome to medical care at the speed of life.


FreedomDocs by the Numbers

Physicians and patients across the country are finding a new and different way of providing and getting the care they need. Becoming a FreedomDoc allows a physician to provide care their way, without restrictions and interference from insurance companies. We can help with Direct Primary Care Lakin, KS.

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