Direct Primary Care Employee Benefits

Are you out of options to provide affordable benefits to your team?

Employers of all sizes have limited options to provide meaningful health benefits to attract and retain talented employees. Our Direct Primary Care employee benefits solution leverages an innovative model known as Direct Primary Care offers an affordable and highly-valuable perk to attract and retain talent.

Direct Primary Care employee benefits focus on real, actual care

As insurance premiums increase year after year, rising deductibles build barriers between patients and doctors.  Many are forced to pay more out-of-pocket, leading them to question the declining value of their health benefits.

Direct Primary Care focuses on the primary care utilized most often by employees, offering each their own personal physician. DPC physicians offer a level of convenience and care beyond the near or on site clinic, available whenever needed for any health issues large or small.

A uniquely valuable perk, each employee or family may select from an array of  physicians offering unmatched access and transparent, predictable pricing.

Support healthier, more productive teams

Studies have shown that enhanced primary care leads to better overall health with fewer costly complications, hospitalizations and specialist visits. Whether standalone, or paired with insurance, Freedom Healthworks delivers a benefit employees will appreciate at a fraction of the cost of a fully-featured insurance plan.  Keep your team healthy, happy, and more productive.

Your employees’ time is important

Access to independent direct primary care physicians through Freedom Healthworks eliminates the barriers to seeking care. It is now hassle free to schedule a same day appointment, a telehealth call, or to text a quick health question. The doctor is available when needed. There are never surprise medical bills for the patient and cost is predictable for the employer.

Give your employees a choice in care

Direct Primary Care doctors deliver enhanced preventive care, significantly reducing major, expensive healthcare problems like specialist visits and hospitalizations. If more urgent medical issues arise, your employee’s own personal physician will be there by their side to help navigate the confusing healthcare system.  

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DPC provides your employees with a real, personal doctor.