Direct Primary Care Network Benefits to Doctors and Patients

A direct primary care network has many benefits for those working in DPC (FreedomDocs). Doctors and medical practitioners that work together are generally very excited to open their own office. They work independently outside of an employed position or a hospital network yet have a support structure in place. While working independently is valued by some, there are many advantages to working and collaborating with other DPC practices. In doing so, it allows your office to be more efficient and run smoothly. Read on to see some of the benefits of working with other DPC practices:

Group Purchasing

One of the main benefits in working with other DPC practices is group purchasing. There are a lot of things that we are required to purchase for our office. Examples include medical or office supplies, medications, or vaccines. When working in a group, you are able to leverage the volume that you need to purchase and save costs overall. In contrast, when working individually, there is little to no leverage for cheaper prices. Other services, such as working with partners to get vaccines in the office, often require a minimum amount be distributed. By collaborating with other offices, it allows you to satisfy those minimum requirements in order to get those services.

Collaboration in a Direct Primary Care Network

When working within a direct primary care network, you’re able to talk with other doctors about complicated cases and difficult patients. This is generally a lot harder to do when working on your own in a smaller or individual office. Being connected allows you to bounce ideas off of other physicians and get advice on particular cases. Common problems in the office such as billing, overhead, managing employees, or calculating expenses, can be asked to your peers. When you want to take a vacation, a network of physicians makes it easier to find someone to provide coverage.

Working with Employers

When you work with multiple direct primary care offices, you have the ability to provide employers a choice for their employees. As an employee, you have the option to choose a direct primary care network membership where you have multiple offices to choose from and the ability to select the type of doctor that will fit you best. It helps to have patients in the office who have chosen you as their provider, versus those who were forced to utilize services through the direct primary care arrangement.

Freedom Healthworks is a direct primary care accelerator for independent doctors with the ability to connect employers and consumers to direct primary care doctors. We can help you become successful in taking your direct primary care office to the next level. For more information on what we do, visit our website!

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