INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (RTV 6): Dr. Risheet Patel of Fishers Direct Family Care was featured during a segment on RTV 6. He discussed how Direct Primary Care is gaining momentum across the country. 

Dr. Patel was once a physician in the traditional healthcare system, but he decided to transition and open a Direct Primary Care practice of his own.

“I saw there was a lot of shortcomings and just sort of inefficiencies in how we delivered care, so I was always looking to find a way to provide care in a more meaningful, and more efficient, environment,” said Dr. Risheet Patel, who spent 9 years practicing in a traditional family care practice, before deciding he wanted a change.

During the interview he discussed the following:

  • What Direct Primary Care is
  • Why he got into Direct Primary Care
  • How the healthcare system isn’t working

To watch the full video from RTV 6, click here.

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