Direct Primary Care

If you’re tired of hospitals and health systems taking the humanity out of your care, direct primary care is for you. Doctors practicing DPC spend 5x more time with patients, use telehealth, answer all your questions, and advocate for your health. All this for a low monthly charge. No confusing insurance, no co-pays, no surprise bills.

A Doctor You Trust

You’re a human. It’s time to be treated like one by your doctor. The central part of humanizing healthcare is the doctor-patient relationship. With 45-60 minutes of face time with your doctor, they get to know you and really help you live a healthier life.

Improved Internal & External Communication

You get to talk to a doctor. Your doctor. Using modern communications that include secure chat, email, and video calls, your care is more convenient than ever before. This also means that your trusted doctor is more accessible and there for you and your family when you need them..

Your Time is Valued

Never spend another afternoon in the waiting room. Direct primary care practices run on time. You can also look forward to same day or next day visits if telehealth isn’t an option for you. There’s a good chance you can also skip the trip to the pharmacy and save a lot of money when your DPC doctor dispenses medicine in their office. 

The Benefits of Direct Primary Care

When a doctor has your best interest in mind, you’ll never be lost in the healthcare system, again.

Focus on Prevention

Treatment for the conditions, not just the symptoms. DPC doctors want to keep you healthy.

Continuity of Care

Having a doctor in charge of coordinating your care is hugely important to maintaining your health.

Direct Communication

Call, text, email, or video chat whenever you need to ask a question or consult with your doctor.

No Need for Urgent Care

When you need care right away, your doctor is at your fingertips. No need to use ERs or urgent cares.

Your Time is Valued

No more waiting to see your doctor. Waiting rooms because lobbies as your doctor greets you at the door.

Save Money on Labs & Tests

DPC patients get discounts on prescriptions, labs, and other tests since no more money is wasted on insurance.

Save Money on Prescriptions

When you doctor dispenses medication in the office, you get massive savings from the wholesale pricing.

Same or Next Day Appointments

Get the care you need, when you need it. Your doctor is ready to care for you any time you need.

Understand Your Health

More time spent with your doctor means that you learn more about the issues and conditions that you’re facing.

Employer Programs

Large and small employers across the nation are turning to direct care physicians to supply a new kind of workplace benefit program. These companies are able to provide a real family doctor for their employees, something that is truly appreciated. DPC Benefit programs are even saving thousands of dollars from traditional health insurance programs.