Direct Specialty Care Startup

In 90 days, you could be seeing members of your new practice.

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Startup Services Include


Business entity formation guidance. EIN procurement. Patient agreements. Discounted medical malpractice insurance.

Financial Plan & Budget

36-month practice financial projection. Custom scenario based. Return on investment timeline. Patient growth projections.

Practice Systems

Guidance on EMR. Secure communications apps. Integrated patient management systems. Customized collaborative tools.

Practice Operations

Custom office workflow. Systems training. Custom appointment schedules. HR & hiring guidance. Sales training.


Custom logo design. Business card & printing. Brochure design & printing. Slogan guidance. Brand messaging creation.


Custom website. Patient forms & enrollment links. Mobile optimized. SEO optimized. Website hosting & maintenance.

Marketing Systems

Business email address. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Prospect tracking & conversion system. Email marketing setup.

Vendor Partnerships

EMRs. Communications. Labs. Vaccines. Pharmaceuticals. Accounting. Office supplies. Medical Supplies.

Low priced payment plan


for 36 months

  • Affordable for everyone
  • All startup services included
  • Additional physician or provider = $1,154/month
  • Discount for paid in full plan

Frequently asked questions

Why should i work with Freedom?

Starting any new business is hard. Starting a medical practice can be even more complex. There are so many variables and missteps are costly, in terms of time and money. Many non-primary care specialists can learn the skills to run a successful business but don’t have the time or money to make mistakes. When you work with us, we give you an established system – an entire method of doing business. Having a proven system eliminates the guesswork and errors you would normally face.

How does starting specialty practices differ from primary care?

The simple answer is that the process doesn’t differ that much. This is a good thing. You benefit from the same tried and true processes as other physicians.

The biggest difference is that you’ll be providing important feedback about the services, procedures, and equipment that you want in your practice. It is then our job to make sure we can bring your vision to life.

Can I do this Myself?

Physicians that try to do this by themselves oftentimes struggle with an overwhelming workload. They take too long as the project drifts. Cash is thrown away on unneeded purchases and delays. Online checklists tell you what to do, they don’t tell you how to do it, why to do it, or who to call with questions. They take months, even years to open, all while letting money slip away. It breaks our hearts when we get a call from a physician who tried to do it all themselves – who didn’t ask for help until it was too late. Don’t let that be you.

Freedom Healthworks is one of the most affordable direct care startup programs in the country with tremendous earning potential. Our standardized business model substantially lessens the financial risks to practice ownership. This makes becoming a FreedomDoc an accessible and proven route for physicians who want take control of their future in a growing care model that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

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