“I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Freedom Healthworks!”

At Freedom Healthworks, we strive to support doctors across America and give them the tools and support they need to better treat their patients. Dr. Ashlie Olp of Olp Family Medicine of Carmel is just one of our clients operating out of Carmel, Indiana, and has built a reputation for caring about her patients and working as hard as possible to serve their medical needs. Let’s take a look at Dr. Olp’s DPC testimonial and what she has to say about her experiences with Freedom Healthworks and the issues facing family doctors today.

When Did You Decide That You Wanted to Be a Doctor?

“I actually decided in 7th grade that I wanted to be a doctor when I had my first real biology class. I kind of knew about halfway through medical school that I wanted to go into primary care because it really was the long-term relationship with patients that I loved.”

What Are Some of the Major Issues That Doctors Face?

“Three main issues include access to the doctor, time with the doctor, and billing questions. I felt like I really wasn’t practicing medicine, and I certainly wasn’t promoting people’s health or working to keep them healthy.” “I’m able to give much more personal care to my patients. I had a lot more time with my patients.”

How Has Freedom Healthworks Improved Your Practice?

“I’m a lot less stressed because I am not rushing through my day and I feel like I am focused on what I want to focus on, which is the patient and medicine and not documentation and insurance companies.” “The pros of working with Freedom Healthworks is that they make the process super easy. They had all the information. I didn’t have to set it up, and they shared that information in such a way that I could get it set up well.” “It improved my life, it improved my patients’ lives, and Freedom Healthworks was such a great resource. I couldn’t have done it without Freedom Healthworks.”

Dr. Olp is just one of the countless doctors across America who has seen the benefits of Freedom Healthworks’s services. Give our medical industry experts a call today at 1-317-804-1203 or visit us online to find out more about how our services can improve both your business practices and your patients’ experience.

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