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We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest to care for your top talent.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Freedom Healthworks help you pair an ACA-compliant minimal essential coverage (MEC) plan with a healthshare and direct primary care plan to give your team a real health benefit that is affordable. This is perfect for companies of all sizes and industries.


Choose a MEC Plan

We will give you a quote for your team based on their age and dependents. Most MEC plans start at $75/employee. Choose between an HSA plan or an advanced co-pay plan and add dental and vision.

MEC Plan Information

Preventive HSA Plan

– Preventive services covered 100% in Network
– PHCS Nationwide PPO Network
– Optional HSA account with debit card
– Discount Rx Benefits with Optum Rx

Copay Advanced

– Preventive services covered 100% in Network
– PHCS Nationwide PPO Network
– Copays for Doctors Visits, Lab work, etc
– Full Rx Benefits with Optum Rx

Dental & Vision

 Dental Plans

COPAY DENTAL ($25/month)
– Nationwide PPO Dental Network
– Copay Schedule of Benefits

– Nationwide PPO Dental Network
– Coverage Tiers DENTAL Preventative 100% | Basic 80% | Major 50%

Vision Plans ($10/month)

– Eye health Exam at $10 copay
– Frame, Lens, and/or Contact Allowance of up to $150
– Can use any provider
– Costco & Sam’s Club reimbursement with copays waived


Choose a Healthshare

For surgeries or hospitalizations, choose your initial sharing amount (IUA) for your healthshare plan. This functions similar to a deductible. Choose between $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000.

Healthshare Information

– Can use any provider – worldwide
– IUA* Options are $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000
– A HealthShare is not insurance and that is why it works so well!



Enroll in Direct Care

Work with our team to find the best direct care nearest you. If there is a scarcity of direct care locally, we can help your team establish care virtually.


Why Choose Us

Fast Implementation

Since we aren’t dealing with insurance, we can get a plan up and running in no time. 

Low Fees

We charge a low $10/month fee to make sure your team is getting the best care and are in the right practices.

Large Footprint

Direct care is proliferating around the country and now you can take advantage of it.

Local & Remote

Physician options are growing. We are confident your team will find doctors they enjoy seeing and trust.

Valued Work Benefit

No longer waste money on useless insurance premiums or near-site clinics that your team doesn’t use.

Custom Consulting

We’ll work with your team to get your team in the right place and provide feedback to your HR team.



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