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Commit to your health. Our direct primary care doctors are accepting new patients. Same or next day appointments. Available via in-person, text, email, or video. Welcome to the new healthcare.

Our mission is to provide a professional & honest approach to health care

Direct primary care doctors focus on you, the patient. You get longer visits and time to ask questions. You never have to mess with confusing insurance as you only pay a low monthly fee to access your trusted doctor. 


Experienced Doctors

Direct primary care doctor focuses on you and treat you, not just your symptoms.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Relaxed office environments mean no more rushed appointments or waiting rooms.


On Call When Needed

Talk to your doctor via phone, text, email or video. Whatever is convenient to you.


Same Day Appointments

In office or virtual visits when you need it most. Never put off your care, again.


On-time Appointments

No more waiting rooms and no more wasting your afternoon in the office.

No Extra Fees

A flat monthly membership fee means you get the care you need and trust without extra fees.

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Jacksonville Doctors

Jacksonville direct primary doctors are ready to accept new patients. Direct primary care doctors are able to see a wide range of patients, regardless of health insurance coverage. Learn more about these doctors below. 

Tanya Reimschissel, DO

Ages 18+, acute & chronic conditions
Internist focused on adult care

Dr. Tanya Reimschissel became a doctor in order to help people. In her previous experience, government and insurance companies mandated how she was able to treat and help people. Not anymore. Now she is able to treat the whole patient. Mind, body and spirit. This philosophy promotes wellness in her patients and her practice. She now has time to talk in-depth to her patients. She believes that more education benefits us in so many ways and within care. When dealing with your health, education leads to prevention and prevention saves money and lives.

Arise Direct Primary Care Center combines traditional and integrative medicine. We promote nutrition and exercise, using osteopathic principles to get to the root of the issue.


Practice Address

Arise Direct Primary Care Center
9471 Baymeadows Dr., #102
Jacksonville, FL 32256


Minor injuries, sprains, lacerations, rashes, colds, sore throat, fever, upper respiratory infections, urinary symptoms, abdominal pain, back pain, headaches and other acute illnesses

Chronic Care 

Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Stroke, Cancer, Thyroid disorders, COPD, Asthma, Men and Women’s Health, Anemia, Heartburn, Constipation, Seizure disorders, Obesity, Depression and Anxiety, ADHD and other chronic disorders


Full lab services (billed to insurance by our lab affiliate or low cash price)
EKGs, Treadmills*, Pulmonary Function Testing*, Vision, Hearing, Urine and Stool testing
Rapid tests-flu and strep 


Joint, muscle and trigger point injections, skin biopsies, removal of skin lesions, minor laceration repair, endometrial biopsies, wart and age spot treatments


Counseling and Management-vaccines not included 

Preventive Exams  

Annual Exam-Age and guideline based

Telemedicine and texting



“Dr. Tanya is the genuine article. It very good to have her practice affordable and available!”
– Billie Jean H.

“She’s always there when we call she’s very concerned about our health always very attentive. It’s obvious she loves what she does. Love the fact that she prays with all of her patients.”
– Rick D.



Age 18-35 = $75/month

Age 36+ = $100/month

One-time visit = $250

Dr. Tanya Reimschissel (right) pictured on a mission trip.

Tampa Doctors

Tampa direct primary doctors are ready to accept new patients. Direct primary care doctors are able to see a wide range of patients, regardless of health insurance coverage. Learn more about these doctors below. 

Sujata Kumar, MD

Pediatrics, Ages 0-21 years

We believe in providing the best healthcare to the whole child. We provide that by integrating physical, mental, emotional and nutritional care by teaming up with family and community and adopting innovative technology. We believe in ethical practice of medicine and take our role as child advocate seriously.

“This membership model allows me to spend time with my patients, get to know them and respond in a timely manner to their needs. I can advocate on their behalf and coordinate their care with specialists. My investment is in getting to know my patients and their families.”

Practice Address

Novel Pedicatrics Center
2754 Windguard Circle, # 102
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544


Chronic Care

Unlimited Clinic Visits 

Discounted Lab Diagnostics

Discounted Prescription Medications

Discounted Imaging

House Calls  


Preventive Exams  

Telemedicine and texting



“Doctor Sujata was very knowledgeable. She was able to see us the same day and answered all our questions she also took the time to help us you can tell she really cares about her patients! . What a great experience highly recommended to anyone looking for a good pediatrician.” – Adrianna D.



0 – 3 years = $60/month
4 – 21 years = $40/month

Family Discounts

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