Dr. Edward Williams launches Foundation DPC

SPANISH FORT – November 1, 2020 – Foundation DPC, a new Spanish Fort primary care office using the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, announced the opening of the business led by Edward Williams, MD on January 4, 2021. Dr. Williams brings new energy to the city’s primary care landscape and with the DPC model, care is more accessible than ever. Foundation DPC launched in conjunction with Freedom Healthworks, a direct primary care services company.

As patients struggle to get prompt, personal medical attention, the DPC model of subscription-based care allows them to access a personal doctor that will collaborate with them on treatment and spend time working with them to get healthy and stay healthy. Dr. Williams is enrolling new patients but will only accept a limited number in order to provide excellent care with no wait times and longer face to face visits. Foundation DPC relies on in-person, texting, and virtual video visits to care for their patients in the most convenient way possible.

“We are thrilled with the addition of Dr. Williams to the local community. He has a passion for caring for his patients and gets to know them so he can focus on keeping them healthy. He is a perfect fit for the needs of his patients and for Spanish Fort,” says Freedom Healthworks CEO, Christopher Habig.

Edward Williams, MD, was born and raised in southern Alabama. After completing residency, he returned home to devote his career to serving his community. While practicing medicine, he quickly determined that he wanted to do even more for his patients.. 

Dr. Williams started Foundation DPC to follow his dream of truly helping his patients improve their health and wellness. He saw that middlemen, administrators, and health insurance didn’t have patients’ best interests in mind. With Foundation DPC, he is able to develop the patient-doctor relationship to truly provide great care.

“If you are tired of not knowing what services cost, insane insurance premiums and deductibles, or long wait times at doctor offices- this is the practice for you”, said Dr. Williams.

Foundation DPC provides care for patients for a clear, monthly price. For a flat, low monthly fee, Dr. Williams will be able to deliver personal, unrushed, focused care to each patient. Visits are on time, last as long as necessary, (usually between 30 minutes to an hour), and care is available whenever needed, in person or remotely by text, phone, email, and digital apps.