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Freedom Healthworks Expands Access to Direct Primary Care Model with Launch of First Practice in Florida

Dr. Tanya Reimschissel Launches Arise Direct Primary Care Center

INDIANAPOLIS – November 11, 2019 – Freedom Healthworks, an Indianapolis-headquartered company dedicated to accelerating direct primary care (DPC) by building coordinated community of physicians, patients, and partners, today announced it has expanded into the Florida market with the launch of Dr. Tanya Reimschissel’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, Arise Direct Primary Care Center just outside Jacksonville, Fla. The practice is now seeing its first patients.

As physicians seek to restore the important patient-doctor relationship, the DPC model of subscription-based care plans allows them to access a personal doctor that will collaborate with them on treatment and spend time working with them to get healthy and stay healthy. The Freedom Healthworks team will work remotely with Dr. Reimschissel to build and launch her new direct primary care practice which includes: branding; website; implementing patient systems and communications tools; and consulting and structuring of practice operations. The expertise provided by Freedom Healthworks will allow Dr. Reimschissel to scale her practice and focus on what she does best: care for the people and families that rely on her.

“We are happy to be partnering with Dr. Reimschissel. who is board certified in Internal Medicine, to enable her to get back to the roots of internal medicine and build a value based practice that centers around a strong direct patient-doctor relationship,” said Jason Rutz, partnership director at Freedom Healthworks.

With nearly 10 years spent as an internist, Dr. Reimschissel will provide many services and unlimited access to her patients. The practice was built and launched in partnership with Freedom Healthworks, a direct primary care accelerator which has helped open and support an ever-growing list of successful DPC practices in the Midwest and now in the Florida market. 

The launch of Arise Direct Primary Care Center will empower Dr. Reimschissel to open her dream DPC practice while enabling patients to find a physician that best suits their needs for a clear, monthly price. As a result, under the DPC model, patients reserve their insurance for large, unforeseen expenses like specialty physician visits and hospitalizations. For a flat, $75 monthly fee for ages 35 and less and $100 for ages over 35, Dr. Reimschissel will be able to deliver personal, unrushed, focused care to each patient. Visits are on time, last as long as necessary, (usually between 30 minutes to an hour), and care is available whenever needed, in person or  remotely by text, phone, email, and digital apps.

“The health care system has become fragmented and the physician has minimal time to spend with their patient and rarely controls their own schedule,” said Dr. Reimschissel. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is designed to give me the freedom to coordinate and individualize health care based on my patient needs, control my schedule, and determine the number of patients I want in the practice. In attempting to start a DPC practice, I became frustrated in setting up the non-medical aspects of my practice and was fortunate to find Freedom Healthworks,” she stated.

Dr. Reimschissel’s office is located in Jacksonville, Fla. More information about her practice can be found at: More information on Freedom Healthworks can be found at:

About Freedom Healthworks

Freedom Healthworks, based in Indianapolis, propels the launch, growth and success of independent, Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices nationwide. By liberating physicians to serve their patients instead of insurance companies, Freedom Healthworks enables consumers frustrated by healthcare’s high cost and poor access to purchase excellent, affordable medical care from private physicians they know and trust. Freedom Healthworks was founded to help DPC physicians provide better access to high quality care while maintaining a healthy work-life balance free from the burnout plaguing the medical community. More information about Freedom Healthworks can be found at

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