Helping Employees Lose the Right Kind of Weight

This week on Healthcare Americana, Freedom Healthworks’s CEO and co-founder, Christopher Habig, talks with Todd Foushee, CEO of On Target Health, to discuss ways an employer can help its people with weight loss programs.
Fad diets and sporadic exercise don’t lead to long-term health benefits. It takes the right kind of program and it’s even more effective when your company is supporting you.
On Target Health is helping a lot of people. As the prevalence of obesity has skyrocketed from 1 out of 2,800 people in the mid-1980’s to 1 in every 3 today. Todd’s company has been helping companies promote a healthier workforce. On Target uses a physiological approach to healthy weight loss. Knowing that each person is different. Each plan must be tailored to get the best results.

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