The Mission of Freedom Healthworks

There is a saying that I think is correct, and it is that all value in health care is either created or destroyed at one point, and that is in the interaction between the physician and the patient.

Our healthcare system has challenges, and those challenges are felt from all levels. There’s no connection between the physician and his or her patients anymore.
The mission of ​Freedom Healthworks​ is to help make it easier for doctors to launch their own direct primary care practices, which includes providing them the tools and resources that they can’t get on their own necessarily. This kind of knowledge and information can only be found within a community of direct primary care physicians.

We focus on three different aspects of the direct primary care experience:

1) Assistance with the launch

2) Assistance with practice operations

3) Assistance with obtaining and retaining your patients

We believe in the independent physician, so you will always be part of the process in making decisions for your own practice to ultimately make it successful. One of the things that we’re interested in learning is “what does your ideal practice look like?”. That means sitting down and being comfortable with looking at financials, projections, growth, and your brand as a physician.

Freedom Healthworks gives physicians as much or as little as is necessary for them to succeed. We exclusively work with independent physicians, we don’t employ physicians.

The feedback we have received from physicians is that they love practicing medicine again. They now have the time to spend with patients. For us, that’s what’s important and that’s what drives us every day.

We want to reestablish that strong patient-physician relationship within the direct primary care model.

We’re looking for physicians that are intrigued by this new model. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently practicing, if you’re employed, if you’re independent, or if you’ve already launched your own direct primary care practice. We would love to hear from you.

We’re looking for all doctors who would like to be a part of this movement to offer them new, exciting, and innovative health care alternatives. If you’re interested in our company’s mission, give our health care experts a call today at 1-317-804-1203 or ​visit us online​ to find out more about how our services can improve both your business’s practices and your patients’ experience.

If you are a DPC physician interested in launching your own DPC practice, click here to learn more.

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