PODCAST: How Freedom Healthworks is Helping Physicians Launch Their Own DPC Practice

Freedom Healthworks’ President and co-founder, Adam Habig, CEO and co-founder, Christopher Habig, and Medical Director, Dr. Risheet Patel, were guests on the daily podcast of The Heartland Institute with AnneMarie Schieber. Schieber interviewed the three to talk about what the solution is to high health care costs and care. The solution, Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Christopher Habig started the interview and explained what kind of interest there is in the medical community to switch to DPC and how this movement is growing. The questions Chris answered include:

  • When and why did you and your founders started Freedom Healthworks?
  • What has been the demand for your services?
  • How has DPC grown throughout the country?
  • What does a typical practice cost?
  • Are there enough options to make DPC affordable?

Schieber then spoke with Adam Habig about the legal and financial hurdles doctors may face launching a DPC practice. Adam explained that starting any business entails risk.

  • How much of a financial risk is it to start a DPC practice?
  • What are the legal and policy hurdles?
  • Can DPC practices accept patients on Medicare?
  • Can employers incorporate DPC into their benefits?
  • Can consumers use their Health Savings Accounts to pay for DPC?
  • What can states do to allow this industry to thrive?

Lastly, Dr. Risheet Patel talked about physician burnout and how DPC can help. The questions he answered include:

  • How prevalent is burn out among physicians?
  • How can DPC help?
  • Do you believe this model can work for specialty care?
  • Do you envision a day when patients never have to go into a doctor’s office and if so, how does that relate to DPC?

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