How Freedom Healthworks Can Help You Launch Your Own Direct Primary Care Practice

Written by: CEO and co-founder of Freedom Healthworks, Christopher Habig

Did you know a traditional doctor’s office spends more than 70 percent of its funding on handling administrative matters? Filing paperwork and trying to collect payment from insurance companies continues to carve away at a doctor’s time, which should be spent caring for patients.

The DPC Model

As CEO and President of Freedom Healthworks, I’ve found a better way. It’s called the direct primary care (DPC) model. With DPC, doctors and patients collaborate on treatment plans, eliminating the middlemen – administrators, insurance companies and regulators. The doctor’s time is freed up to focus on the patient and his or her needs, restoring the patient-doctor relationship, which has long been forgotten in today’s healthcare climate.

Launching Your Own DPC Practice

Freedom Healthworks supports doctors through the process of opening their own DPC practices. One resource we provide is the Freedom Healthworks Academy. With the assistance of award-winning educator Dr. Jonathan Blake Huer, we launched the DPC Academy for physicians, or DPC for MDs. The Academy provides an A to Z resource for physicians who are interested in launching their own DPC practices. The curriculum is laid out in six sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Legal
  3. Financial
  4. Marketing
  5. Management
  6. Design

Each section includes subsections that cover the course subject in more detail. For example, the Marketing track explores branding, website content, social media and sales techniques. Once complete, the Academy provides a comprehensive baseline knowledge of what it takes to operate within the DPC model.

How to Enroll in Freedom Healthworks Academy

The enrollment process is straightforward. Go directly to the Freedom Healthworks Academy website or enter through the Launch Your DPC page of the Freedom Healthworks website. Enroll with your email address and basic information, such as city, state, zip code and why DPC interests you. Once enrolled you gain access to the full Academy, which takes about two hours to complete.

Freedom Healthworks Academy Benefits

At the end of each lesson, a review session helps put what you learned into practice. Throughout the courses, you input information on how you’d like to run your own practice. Then at the end of Academy, you have a roadmap of the decisions you made and would like to implement, such as:

  • Branding
  • Policies
  • Events you plan to hold
  • Enrollment process

Upon completing the Freedom Healthworks Academy, you will know how to talk with prospective patients about the DPC model and create the vendor relationships needed to run a successful DPC practice.

The Academy lessons are rooted in real-life knowledge Freedom Healthworks has gained helping other physicians start their own practices. Freedom Healthworks plans to continually add more content so the Academy serves as an evergreen resource physicians can return to for guidance and refreshers as needed.

If you are currently enrolled in the Academy, have previously taken it or plan to in the future, I welcome any feedback. Contact me at or 317-804-1203. It’s your experiences that will help us craft a better Academy and continue to energize the DPC movement.

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