Executive Team

Meet our team that is essential for the success of our clients’ businesses. The Freedom Healthworks team takes our clients’ success personally. We all have stories of bad experiences in hospitals, clinics, and other doctor offices. These experiences have inspired us to push forward and do whatever it takes to be champions of direct care and our pioneering clients.

Risheet Patel
Risheet Patel, MD
Medical Director

I employ a preventive and proactive approach to care that is backed by evidence based methodology. I have a passion for innovation in health care delivery through the use of technology and unique healthcare workflows.

Adam Habig
Adam Habig
Co founder, President

When barriers fall and consumers are empowered to buy direct – prices fall, choices expand, and value increases. This has been a natural evolution in most industries, driven by technology and market forces.  Healthcare remains a stubborn exception.

Christopher Habig
Christopher Habig
Co founder, CEO

We can build a better system. A system that isn’t controlled by people who don’t know you. A system that heals. A system that comforts. A system that cares.

Danielle Ewing
Danielle Ewing
External Operations Director

Through the DPC model, customers are able to not only access their physician but develop a personal relationship with them. 

Jason Rutz
Jason Rutz
Partnership Director

My dream is a system where administrations and population health don’t stipulate how patients receive care.  I want to help return physicians to the forefront of medical innovation.

Melissa Turpin
Melissa Turpin
Communications Director
I work closely with doctors in order to create print and video content that captures the vision of their practice. In addition to assisting doctors, I work closely with the Freedom Healthworks marketing department to create advertising campaigns that will provide growth and awareness of the company.

Advisory Board

Trusted professionals help guide this business into uncharted waters of the healthcare experience. We rely extensively on the knowledge and expertise of this team.

doug wilson
P. Douglas Wilson
Service Adviser
Dane DeLozier
Strategy Adviser
diane s Hopkins
Diane S. Hopkins
Patient Experience VP
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