Planning Your Future As a DPC Physician

When it comes to planning your future as a Direct Primary Care physician, it’s important you understand a few important items. Have a good grasp of the type of patients you want, your location, and what your competitors’ services and pricing are before you advertise to the public.

Once you figure out the market and what type of patients you want in your practice (children, athletes, special needs, etc.), the next step is planning the following:

  • Pick a monthly price for your practice (Pro Tip: The average monthly cell phone bill for a family in your area is a good rule of thumb).
  • Estimate how many members you want to support (400-500 is common, but use our custom estimator to see the potential).
  • Estimate how much you’ll spend in your area on rent.
  • Estimate your monthly expenses on an office assistant.
  • Estimate your monthly expenses on insurance, supplies and systems.

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