The Difference Between Direct Primary Care and Near Site Clinics for Employers

The direct model of care has made significant progress improving the health and wellness of individuals. However, not all direct care models are created equal nor do they have equal outcomes. What they all solve, at some degree, is the problem of access. This is part of the attractiveness, that in most cases, patients have freer, and sometimes unlimited, access to their provider of care.  

Access isn’t the only problem that needed to be solved to be the ultimate solution to primary medicine, but it’s just the start. Many direct care models will extend direct pricing for pharmaceuticals, labs, imaging, etc. directly to patients. Some even have services to schedule visits to specialists to make it easy on the patient.

What About the Patient Relationship and Trust With Your Doctor? 

What we emphasize and what differentiates Freedom Healthworks from those other direct models of care, such as near-site employer clinics, is the focus on choice, strong relationships, and trust. We do this by having a variety of physicians for an individual to choose from, not just clinics that are near to home or work. The individual has the ability to learn about the physician, interview them, and ultimately choose the practice they want to be part of.

We also accomplish this by extending access of that physician past normal office hours. Each patient has a number of channels to communicate with their physician. This enables an individual to call, secure message, or video chat with their doctor for urgent situation after hours or on weekends. What makes this even more powerful is the fact that one is interacting with a physician that already knows the patient well.

So, think about this next time you select a direct care model for your employees. Does it go beyond solving the access problem to solving the relationship and trust problem? Find out more about how Freedom Healthwork builds a stronger patient/physician relationship by contacting us via email at

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