What is the Freedom Healthworks Consumer Direct Care Network?

The Consumer Direct Care Network is uniting doctors, nurses, practitioners, and patients. Up to now, physicians who are moving into Direct Primary Care are practicing one of two ways: Either launching an independent DPC practice or being hired on as an employed physician in a larger DPC-like clinic system. How do you pair the independence and flexibility of the independent side with the knowledge, processes and resources of the larger clinic organizations? Solving this could perhaps be the driver to help DPC to succeed and thrive in the future. Through our ecosystem, we are starting to build in a few U.S. markets.

Here are our Components of our Network:

  • Pricing – By unifying our physicians and negotiating from a single point, we can help leverage for lower pricing. We help get things like labs, prescriptions, medical supplies, etc. and pass those savings directly on to our partner practices.
  • Services/resources – Freedom Healthworks is able to bring services into the DPC space that have up to this point only been playing within the fee for service model. Converting these services to cash based offer a lot of benefit to the DPC community. These include examples like vaccinations and specialty pharmacy.
  • Patient demand – By unifying efforts rather than competing for resources, we can bring more awareness to a market. We help by tapping into employer demand or individual retail patients.
  • Data – Data is important to all stakeholders within the DPC ecosystem. We are helping provide insights back to the practices around their finances, operations, and growth.
  • Peer support – Having direct access and encouraging communication and collaboration between DPC practitioners promotes a better experience for physicians. It is also the catalyst for innovation.
  • Freedom Healthworks support – We can help in other areas like scheduling, vendors, best practices, systems training, etc.

As we grow and promote more physicians moving into DPC, the larger and stronger the ecosystem grows it helps the DPC community succeed.