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Our Mission

The mission of Freedom Healthworks is to help make it easy for doctors to start their own Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice by providing tools and resources to create and operate the practice and obtain and retain a patient base. The company seeks to put the “care” back into healthcare and restore meaningful relationships between doctors and their patients.

About Freedom Healthworks

Freedom Healthworks, headquartered in Indianapolis, is accelerating the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement across America by propelling the launch, growth and success of independent DPC practices. By liberating physicians to serve their patients instead of insurance companies, Freedom Healthworks enables those frustrated by healthcare’s high cost and poor access to purchase excellent, affordable medical care from private physicians they know and trust. Freedom Healthworks helps independent DPC practices operate efficiently while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, free from the burnout plaguing the medical community. More information can be found at

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model that gives family doctors an impactful alternative to providing patient care. Unlike the current model of fee-for-service insurance billing and medical codes, physicians can charge patients a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee that covers primary care services such as clinical and lab services, consultations and care management and coordination.

What is the Direct Primary Care Difference?

Navigating the healthcare system can be difficult. Doctors frequently feel like they must treat patients like an assembly line, therefore spending less time serving their patients. DPC fundamentally restores the important patient-doctor relationship. With DPC, people can access a personal doctor that will collaborate with them on treatment and spend time working with them to get healthy and stay healthy. When physicians are empowered to advocate for care beyond the primary care office, patients enjoy health security and ultimately better outcomes.

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Corporate Headquarters

Freedom Healthworks
155 E. Market Street, Suite 865
Indianapolis, IN 46204



CEO and co-founder

Christopher Habig, CEO & Co-founder

Chris leads Freedom Healthworks and ensures progress in key performance areas while adhering to the company’s core values. He works with the company’s advisory board, team, and investors to help the company continue to change the way American healthcare is delivered.

President and Co-Founder

Adam Habig, President & Co-founder

Adam is responsible for monitoring macro industry trends and providing strategic feedback for the company. He serves as general counsel for the company and helps build strategic partnerships.

Medical Director

Risheet Patel, MD., Medical Director

Dr. Patel manages the clinical facing initiatives of the company and is a liaison between clients and the company. He is responsible for programming geared to medical students, residents and DPC physician support.

External Operations Director

Danielle Ewing, External Operations Director

Danielle is responsible for implementing, improving and education clients on how to operate their DPC practices. She works closely with clients, vendors and external partners to curate the ideal practice operations game plan.

Paratnerships and Growth Director

Jason Rutz, Partnership Director

Jason leads the company’s efforts to expand direct primary care to new practices and employers. Jason is the primary contact for all matters relating to client outreach, on-boarding and innovative employee benefit programs.

Communications Director

Melissa Turpin, Communications Director

Melissa works closely with doctors to educate and teach them marketing tactics to help them gain exposure of their practice and nurture their current patient-relationships. Melissa also creates print and video content that captures the vision of their practice.

In addition to assisting doctors, Melissa co-manages the Freedom Healthworks marketing department to create marketing, social, video and advertising campaigns that will provide growth and awareness of the company.

DPC Physicians Who Have Partnered with Freedom Healthworks

We have partnered with physicians nationwide and we are adding more every day. Click here to view our ecosystem of physicians.

Freedom Healthworks Partners with KPI Ninja

Freedom Healthworks, an Indianapolis-headquartered company dedicated to developing and accelerating the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement, today announced it has entered into a partnership with KPI Ninja, a Lincoln, Neb.-based digital analytics firm dedicated to helping healthcare providers deliver improved outcomes for patients.

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Who founded Freedom Healthworks?

Freedom Healthworks was co-founded by Christopher and Adam Habig in October 2014.

Why was Freedom Healthworks founded?

Freedom Healthworks was created to restore the impactful, meaningful relationship between doctors and patients. The company gives doctors a way to provide a higher standard of passionate care that ultimately leads to better patient outcomes and overall health.

How many patients are currently being served?

As of spring 2019, Freedom Healthworks serves doctors who see 4,000 patients.

How many physicians are currently part of the Freedom Healthworks network?

We have physicians nationwide and we are adding more every day!

Why do physicians choose to join the Freedom Healthworks network?

Traditional practices spend more than 70 percent of income on administration costs and payment acquisition. The DPC model eliminates the overhead of running a private practice and allows physicians to focus on patient care first. Physicians who operate a DPC model see multiple benefits, including a simplified revenue structure, reduced administration costs and most importantly: healthier patients.

Are there statistics to support the Direct Primary Care difference?

Yes! The DPC model makes an incredible impact for patients and doctors alike. Because administrative and billing tasks are significantly reduced, physicians have more time with patients during each visit and more time to develop preventive care plans for the patients they see. Patients are healthier and have more positive, meaningful relationships with their doctor. Researchers at the British Medical Journal studying the DPC model found patients seeing a DPC physician experienced:

  • 35 percent fewer hospitalizations
  • 65 percent fewer ER visits
  • 66 percent fewer specialist visits
  • 82 percent fewer surgeries
What is the cost differentiation between Direct Primary Care & Conventional care?

When a patient makes the decision to see a doctor, even with conventional insurance, the price they pay can vary extensively based on tests or other services they receive during a visit. With Direct Primary Care, patients pay a consistent cost on a monthly, quarterly or annual timeline that includes the doctor visit and any other tests and services performed. The cost never changes regardless of how often the patient sees the physician.

Is Direct Primary Care a replacement for health insurance?

Physicians who use this model suggest patients also carry a high-deductible insurance plan in case of emergencies or critical care as those are not covered under this model. DPC physicians work with their patients to navigate the complex healthcare system in the event of an emergency or critical care situation.

How can Direct Primary Care lower healthcare costs?

In today’s traditional healthcare system, it isn’t just the doctor patients pay for services. Before a doctor receives his share of a fee, portions are shared first with hospital administrators, insurance companies and health networks. Direct Primary Care helps lower healthcare costs because it eliminates the intermediaries and puts money back into the hands of the physician to use on actual care like lab work, scans and more.

Who can join a Direct Primary Care practice and what is the process?

Anyone can join a Direct Primary Care practice. Primary care physicians can get started with an independent DPC practice in about three months. Freedom Healthworks assists doctors from start to finish, including startup, branding, operations, strategies for growth and marketing communications.

How do doctors know if they are a good fit for the Direct Primary Care model?

Direct Primary Care is a relatively new concept, so DPC doctors must understand the profound need to educate patients and the public. It takes a physician who’s willing to go out and talk to people about Direct Primary Care. To be successful, doctors must also be comfortable talking about the practice and their personal experiences. It is equally important that a doctor care deeply about the DPC model and its benefits to patients. Physicians who want to punch in and out of their day job wouldn’t do well under the DPC model. The same is true for doctors who don’t have a desire to promote themselves or the benefits of DPC.

How does Freedom Healthworks assist physicians with running a Direct Primary Care practice?

Our team of experts incorporate regular touchpoints with physicians using the DPC model to help develop and maintain marketing communications with new and existing patients to scale their practice. We make it easy for doctors to focus on what they do best: caring for people and families that rely on them.  

Why is marketing important for a Direct Primary Care practice?

The biggest barrier to DPC today is patient education. Not everyone understands the DPC model, even though it’s been around for several years. Doctors will have to guide new patients about what makes this model attractive and the benefits patients will see compared to a traditional practice. There is a sales aspect to launching a DPC practice, and in order to be successful, it is important to promote these benefits to gain new patients.

Is Freedom Healthworks an option for employers?

Yes! Freedom Healthworks is an excellent option for employers and gives employees a highly-valuable perk. Rising deductibles and insurance premiums force employees to pay more out-of-pocket and can lead them to question the declining value of their coverage. Direct Primary Care focuses on the care used most often by employees and provides each with their own personal physician who is available whenever needed for health issues large and small, all at an affordable cost.

Studies have shown that enhanced primary care leads to better overall health with fewer costly complications, hospitalizations and specialist visits. Whether standalone, or paired with insurance, Freedom Healthworks delivers a benefit that employees will appreciate for a fraction of the cost of a fully-featured insurance plan.