Freedom Healthworks Recaps Hint Summit 2019

Jason Rutz, the Partnership Director of Freedom Healthworks, and Dr. Risheet Patel, the Medical Director of Freedom Healthworks, had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco, CA at the end of April for the Hint Summit.  This was the third annual meeting put on by Hint Health, a membership management company dedicated to the Direct Primary Care space. It was an enjoyable and enlightening two days dedicated to growing the Direct Primary Care movement. As in years past, the bulk of the meeting was focused on leveraging employers to grow the DPC patient base.

Day One of the meeting started with several sessions highlighting current DPC offices and sharing lessons learned as these practices grew. They highlighted the need to measure patient growth and utilization to maintain office efficiency. We then heard from several groups who are currently developing networks of DPC offices to better serve large employer groups.  Before lunch, we heard from the CEO of Hint Health, Zak Holdsworth, on the state of Hint Health as a company and their future roadmap of product development.

After lunch, we received some legal updates on Direct Primary Care in the form of a legislative update from Washington and the legal intricacies of how DPC fits into an employer health plan. We then focused on a number of individual DPC practices who are working on a smaller scale with employers. We also heard from Decent and Sedera Health, companies providing wrap around coverage options for individual patients, followed by technology updates from Elation Health, Spruce Health, and KPI Ninja. We closed the first day with an inspiring keynote address by Dr. Jennifer Aaker, a marketing professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She emphasized the power of storytelling in marketing. It was insightful to see how this relates directly to DPC marketing and the wonderful patient care we are able to provide in our offices.

Day Two of the meeting revolved completely around Health Rosetta and their new partnership with Hint Health. Health Rosetta is a company founded on providing transparency and efficiency in the health benefits realm. They work individually with employers to construct plans built around high-value primary care, including DPC, which can then dramatically lower the downstream costs of healthcare.  We learned that Hint Health will be providing the Health Rosetta brokers new tools to help them find existing DPC offices and facilitate the enrollment of employees into those practices.

All in all, Dr. Patel and Rutz enjoyed their time in San Francisco tremendously. They learned quite a bit at the meeting and made some new connections that will help Freedom Healthworks continue to develop and grow DPC practices.

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