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We are absolutely committed to building direct care and putting physicians and providers into the best possible situations, regardless of their financial situation.

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We offer multiple pathways to practice direct care. From helping you build your dream practice, providing financial support to help you practice, or working to support established practice, your success is key to our mission

Tearing Down Financial Barriers to Practicing Direct Care

If your passion is caring for patients and your dream is to practice direct care but your financial situation won’t allow you to start your journey, we have a solution for you. Speak with our team today to learn about our different programs.


Featured Owner Opportunities

Direct Care Physician

FreedomDoc Program – Indianapolis, IN

Direct Care Physician

FreedomDoc Program – Hartford City, IN

Direct Care Physician

FreedomDoc Program – Houston, TX

Featured Employment Opportunities

Direct Care Physician

Carmel, IN

Direct Care Physician

Newport, VT