Why Launching with Freedom Healthworks is a Smart Move

The Direct Primary Care model of healthcare can be complex. More and more physicians are realizing that the status quo in care delivery is not sustainable. Productivity, in terms of human lives, cannot measure success in caring for the sick and injured. That is why so many are turning to Direct Primary Care. Physicians are becoming the agents of change. They are taking back their profession as more and more launch with Freedom Healthworks.

Exploring Direct Primary Care

When a physician begins to explore the Direct Primary Care model, many resources exist to help educate them on starting and launching an independent practice. Checklists, part-time consultants, and other physicians all have opinions. Listen to them. Talk to them all, but keep a rational mindset on whether their systems work for you. Too often physicians starting into direct care have been misled to believe it was as easy as checking the boxes.

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean patients will show up. A successful practice is much more than a fancy website. Fortunately, working with the right partner who explains each step of the way can alleviate the pain and waste that you will otherwise face. Freedom Healthworks’ experts will function as your own team as you progress throughout your startup. This means that you won’t make the same mistakes as others that launched alone.

The Freedom Way

The Freedom Healthworks process emphasizes learning and accountability. This is your business and therefore you must learn how it operates and how to talk to prospective patients, community leaders, and staff about the great things your practice is doing. Working with our team means you’ll never forget about payroll, spend too much money on office furnishings, hire too many people, or waste money any other way.

We deploy a streamlined process that takes 75-90 days from start to finish. You are integral every step of the way and with your launch guide, you’ll know exactly what is happening and when. Our team will serve as your personal project management specialists. Our goal is to get your new practice up and running at the lowest cost and the lowest risk than anyone else providing you assistance. Many doctors say that starting a direct care practice is a, “leap of faith”. We don’t believe that. We believe that starting your practice is a series of carefully calculated steps that lead to something great.

For us, the most fulfilling part of the process is that once you’re seeing patients, you are never left to figure it out yourself. Our team stays with you throughout the operational phases of your business. We connect you to industry-leading vendors, technology, and educational sources. We push hard to connect you to like-minded physicians around you and in similar stages of business. Your Freedom Healthworks team and your direct primary care peers will always be ready to support you.

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