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Direct Primary Care is for everyone, everywhere


We are a direct primary care accelerator for independent doctors.


We connect employers and consumers to direct primary care doctors.


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Our Story

We watched as our loved ones were shuffled from hospital to hospital, specialist to specialist with no one to answer questions. No one cared to take time to explain complex issues. We rebelled against this and refused to accept this is the way medicine is practiced.

There are incredible doctors in our country that want to care for the people that depend on them. Our company was founded and built on the premise that doctors should be free to practice the best medicine possible for their patients. Patients should be able to trust their doctor, ask questions, and be comforted. These components feed into our belief that the doctor-patient relationship is a powerful force in leading healthier lives.

What We Do

We help unite doctors launch & grow direct care practice. We make sure these doctors are never alone and have a robust support system around them comprised of our team and physician peers.

We work with companies to recruit and connect direct care physicians to their employees. Our team helps facilitate the business relationship between these two stakeholders so that no extra burden is placed on physicians while ensuring employers get the information they need. More choice, more transparency, more of what makes us human.