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Practice Direct Care

Physicians across the country are leaving insurance-dominated healthcare by choosing to practice direct care. A select few are choosing to elevate that experience by becoming FreedomDocs. These doctors are happy, fulfilled, and are enjoying medicine, again. Join them today.

It is Time to Enjoy Being a Doctor


Be your own boss and own your own practice

Low Overhead

Keep your expenses in check and no more wasteful spending

No Insurance Hassles

Get paid right away with recurring revenue

Longer Visits

Build patient-doctor relationships with all your members

Telehealth Enabled

Use technology to help your patients access your practice

Success Your Way

Quality measures become keeping your patients healthy

Life Balance

Have time for your personal life and family

Less Headaches

Enjoy being a doctor and practicing medicine your way

What is a FreedomDoc?

When a doctor is able to exit the insurance model, they choose to practice direct care. When a doctor has an experienced team providing an even higher level of care and service, that is a FreedomDoc.

Focus on Prevention

Treatment for the conditions, not just the symptoms. FreedomDocs want to keep patients healthy.

Continuity of Care

Having a FreedomDoc in charge of coordinating care is hugely important to maintaining health & controlling costs.

Direct Communication

Call, text, email, or video chat patients whenever they ask a question or need a consultation.

No Need for Urgent Care

When a patient needs care right away, a FreedomDoc is there to help make the best decision, many times avoiding ER visits or urgent cares.

Your Time is Valued

No more making patients wait to see you. No more taking charts home, spend your time with your patients, not inputting data.

Save Patients Money

Help your patients get discounts on prescriptions, labs, and other tests since you teach them how to be smarter healthcare consumers.

Earn What Your Worth

FreedomDocs are able to build a more rewarding practice and earn significantly more than being an employee.

Practice Your Way

Give the care you want, your way. Dispense medications, take time with patients and answer questions.

Understand Your Business

You’re working with a team to help you understand the complexities of modern business.

Get Started Today

Pick a time to talk to us and practice direct care by starting your FreedomDoc journey today.

Practice direct care

Working with Freedom

Our team is comprised of direct care believers and users. Helping physicians start a FreedomDoc practice and thrive in direct care is ingrained into our DNA. We exist to support physicians, not tell them what to do or how to practice. We don’t negotiate physician rates nor do we demand discounts. We want you to be successful and be the catalysts of the of better medical care as a FreedomDoc.

Success Stories

“I was thinking about retirement. I was done with medicine because of the administration. Freedom helped me into DPC and a better way to practice.”

Mary Pat Forkin, MD

Westfield Premier Physicians

“I wouldn’t have been able to start my practice without the help of Freedom Healthworks. I love practicing medicine, again.”

Ashlie Olp, MD

Olp Family Medicine

“I am finally able to build relationships with my patients. I get to know them and their families. That is very special to me.”

Richard Schuster, DO

Schuster Family Medicine

Case Study

Dr. Williams soon found that Freedom was an invaluable asset in getting things started. He didn’t have to wonder where to go for answers or how to get things done. Instead, he had an expert partner to guide him through every small step and every big decision. At this stage, he was shocked at how much work goes into starting a practice.

“It’s not as easy as going out, renting a space, decorating it, and opening the doors. There are so many little things that you must do to set up a business. But Freedom was there to help with every step.”

Though Dr. Williams ascribes to the ideology that quitting is never an option, he still faced struggles when starting his business.

Edward Williams, MD
Foundation Direct Primary Care

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