About US

About Freedom

Healthcare in America can be fixed. Physicians are being regaining their voice. Patients are becoming smarter consumers. We believe that helping doctors and patients stay in control of health decisions is the key.

Our Approach 

Everything is centered around the physician & patient relationship. When people can connect free of barriers, great things happen. We believe that independent physicians, FreedomDocs, are the best way to access great care. 

Our Awesome Team

Christopher Habig, MBA

Christopher Habig, MBA

Co founder & CEO

Adam Habig, JD

Adam Habig, JD

Co founder & President

Danielle Ewing, RN, MBA

Danielle Ewing, RN, MBA

External Operations

Susan Bavisotto

Susan Bavisotto

Relationships & Success

Our Values

Our core values are what guide is in any interactions. We strive to live and reflect these every day.


Whether working with clients or fellow team members, one of Freedom’s most important values is authenticity. It is the quality of being open and honest when expressing yourself and your ideas. Authenticity means bringing your genuine self to the table, every time. Freedom is built on relationships and respect – both exist only in the presence of authenticity.


The most effective ideas are built on working together, aligning goals, and creative problem-solving. Oftentimes this means thinking creatively and researching to get to the best conclusion. Whether working remote, on-site, or in-office; thinking intelligently, acting, and then assessing to solve a problem will lead to many positive outcomes as we continue to always improve.


Transparency is the hallmark of fixing the healthcare industry. We demand transparency of our clients and this demand extends to our team. Without complete visibility into all aspects of the company, we cannot perform effectively. Teamwork and forward momentum can only exist is this type of environment.

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