What we do

We assist physicians in creating and growing their own, independent direct primary care practice. We also connect employers to these practices in order to provide exceptional care for every community.

Why we do this

Freedom Healthworks is focused on direct primary care. We partner with doctors to help them realize their dream practice and enjoy the true reason they decided to attend medical school. By liberating physicians to focus on serving the people who trusted them, instead of insurance companies, our organization helps launch, grow and sustain independent, direct primary care practices.

In tandem with these physician-focused efforts, Freedom Healthworks ultimately restores Americans’ freedom to purchase affordable, personalized care from a physician they know and trust.

Our mission grew from personal frustration.  

Like many of you, sky-high insurance deductibles forced us to start paying for routine medical care ourselves several years ago.  

What we discovered was disheartening. It took weeks or months to get an appointment to see a doctor, and it was nearly impossible to get clear pricing beforehand.  Each appointment meant wasting an entire afternoon in the waiting room for a rushed, ten-minute visit. We were viewed as insurance billing codes rather than valued people.

There had to be a better way.

At the same time, we saw highly skilled doctors quitting medicine in droves. Not only senior physicians but young doctors were burning out, too.  They’d dreamed of pouring their talent and energy into serving people but instead found themselves serving insurance companies.



Let’s give patients the freedom to purchase medical care directly from their doctors for clear, affordable, standardized prices.


Let’s restore doctors’ freedom to deliver care according to their best clinical judgment.


Let’s return insurance to its traditional role safeguarding against rare, catastrophic events, so it becomes less expensive.

The name of the game is to liberate, to restore, and to transform doctors and the people in their care.



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